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Simple Exercises To Help Back Pain

Simple Exercises To Help Back Pain

By Dr. Heath Gallentine, DC

Even if you suffer from back pain, there are many exercises that you can do to help relieve it and prevent it. The following are some simple exercises that you can do regularly:

Aerobic exercise is one way that can relieve back pain. However, it is important that if you are actually suffering from back pain, don't do strenuous aerobic activity, as this can aggravate the pain. Ideally, you can do aerobic exercise to prevent back pain before it starts. The following are low impact exercises that are most recommended when a person is going through back pain:
-Water aerobics
-Brisk Walking

Do not try strenuous types of exercises such as dance aerobics and running because it can be difficult on joints and muscles that are already injured. If you do not want to get outdoors to do these types of activities, you can try to look for videos in the store or even in the internet. They can give you lots of choices for low impact aerobics that can be good if you are experiencing back pain.

If you are just about to begin aerobic exercise, start gradually until you are able to take regular exercise everyday. For example, try swimming one lap first or walk one to two blocks around your neighborhood and if you do this routinely you can slowly progress the level of your speed or amount of exercise. Make a plan to be able to exercise for at least 20 to 30 minutes everyday or every other day.

When doing any exercise, always make sure you are using the proper posture to prevent strain on your back. When walking, don't slouch; keep your shoulders back to prevent strain on your neck and shoulders. When bicycling, lean a little forward (without rounding your back) and keep your abdominal muscles tucked in. Also, make sure you modify the handle bars and pedals of your bike so that it is tailored to your body size.

Strengthening--Exercise Balls

Strengthening the back muscles is the best way to prevent back injury. It can also help to relieve the back pain you might have. The following are some work outs you can include that can strengthen your back muscles:
Have you ever heard of an exercise ball? These are large plastic balls that you can lay or sit on. These balls can help you obtain a good stretch, as well as adding resistance to certain exercises. Exercise balls can facilitate the strengthening of your muscles especially in your back.

As with all the other stretches, carry out these exercise ball stretches gradually and efficiently. Hold it for around 10 seconds but if you are able to do more than 10 seconds, the better. Just make sure that you are not feeling any pain or discomfort. Do the exercise at least 10 times.

Back arch
-Sit on the ball
-Walk your feet forward so that the balls rolls under your back
-Reach your arms up and back; keep walking your feet forward until your buttocks is on the floor
-Put your hands at the back of your head
-Little by little bring yourself back up until you are sitting back on the ball

Back floor press
-Lie down on the floor with the ball below your legs and knees on it
-Place your arms at your sides
-Lift your low back toward the ceiling, so that you're lifting your low back off the floor
-Hold the position
-Make sure that your muscles are relaxed

Ball squats
-Stand while the ball is between a wall and your back
-Keep feet shoulder-width apart
-Keep your back straight
-Slowly bend your knees to a 90 degree position (this will allow the ball to roll up your back)
-The thighs should be parallel to the floor
-Hold the position and go back to the initial position

More Strengthening

If you don't have an exercise ball, you can do some other exercises to strengthen the back muscles:

Double knees to chest
-Lie down on your back
-Put your arms to your sides
-Extend your legs
-Take both knees to your chest grabbing your knees at the back of the knees
-Hold and repeat

Pelvic tilt
-Lie down on your back
- Feet flat on the floor
-Bend your knees
-Push down with your feet
-Press on your pelvis upward
-Hold and repeat

Once you have back pain, it is important to still do exercises to help relieve your pain. However, if you will commit to strengthening the muscles of the back, you can help to prevent back pain in the future.

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